Nowadays over 60% of searches for a product or service are done from a mobile phone near your business. This trend will continue on an upward trajectory as Millennials and the younger generation replace the Baby Boomers.

It’s no longer good enough to simply build a website for your business. Most business websites are also not mobile friendly as I recently discovered. My mother-in-law’s vehicle broke down and when I eventually arrived to try and assist, I discovered that the clutch had given in and that the car would have to be towed to the nearest Hyundai dealership. I proceeded to do a search on Google for Hyundai dealerships in the area. What I got were websites that were not optimized for mobile. In some cases the contact numbers were barely legible. I then had to memorize the number as there was no quick dial link. I got the same when trying to find a Towing Service nearby. 3 hours later, after numerous calls and utter frustration, a tow-away vehicle eventually arrived.

Had those businesses been on a Mobile Chat Business Directory such as Chatpages, here are 7 good reasons why the above scenario would have been improved.

1) Search for a Business near you

I would type in “Hyundai” or “Towing Services”, and use the built-in filter to search for a company near me (i.e. within a 10 Kms radius). The results would bring up a list of businesses meeting the chosen criteria.


2) Select a service provider based on Customer Reviews, Response Times & Call out rates

Now that I have a list of service providers to choose from, who do I contact? By looking at customer reviews posted by other directory users, it’s easier to make a decision. In addition, Quality of Service statistics accumulated by the business directory platform based on response times, would highlight those businesses that go the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Standard call-out costs, if displayed on the listing profile, would have also helped in my decision when searching for a Towing service company.

3) Click-to-Dial or Click to SMS

Once I decide on the service provider to contact, I no longer have to write the number down or try to memorize it. I can tap on the click-to-call button, or click to SMS button to communicate with the service provider. Of course, calling the main business number can also be frustrating and time consuming, as generally one goes into a waiting queue.

4) Livechat – Convenient, Private & Affordable

Chatpages is the first mobile business directory to have a live chat button to make it more convenient and less costly to contact the dedicated customer support representative. In the situation I was in, this option would certainly have reduced by stress levels.



5) Map Navigation

The map on the app would not only show me where the businesses were located in relation to my current location, but also help me quide them directly to my location by giving them the GPS coordinates.

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6) Discount Coupons

In some Mobile Business Directories, companies can display discounted coupons for their services. Again, in my vehicle breakdown situation, I would certainly have considered choosing a Towing Service company offering a discount, than one without. Of course, provided they both had similar positive customer reviews and response times.



Reason Number 7

In addition to the above, small businesses have real-time access to basic marketing statistics that help them ascertain the Return on Investment of their marketing spend. Small business often spend money on advertising, never knowing how much new business it’s actually generating. With the latest Mobile Business Directories, you get stats on the number of people that have viewed your listing profile, how many have called, chatted, emailed or clicked the website link. Number of discount coupons saved and redeemed are also tracked to help the business focus on those offers and discounts that have the best response



Expand your marketing reach and increase your business by downloading and listing on a Mobile Business Directory such as Chatpages. In essence you are basically creating a mini mobile website for your company when listing on a mobile business chat directory and becoming part of a larger like-minded community.

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