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castellano bags bracelets

How Castellano Luxury Bags and Bracelets fund water project in Colombia

Castellano Luxury Bags and bracelets are not only beautifully crafted, but also support a brilliant cause.   Every once in a while an exciting and innovative entrepreneur emerges to disrupt how business is done. Daniela Castellano (only 27), Founder of … Read More

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The “Perfect Business Model” – Chatpages

Is there such a thing as the Perfect Business Model? Perhaps there is no such thing as “Perfect” in the business world, but the following parameters do contribute to something approaching perfect:   High Profit Margins Little or no staff … Read More

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Customer Experience Secrets for Small Business Success

A shitty Customer Experience is the quickest way to kill your business. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service. It doesn’t matter if you’re an industry leader in your particular market. Even a superior price advantage … Read More

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Biggest “Small Business” Fan – Chatpages

Chatpages really is the biggest fan of small business, as we fully understand the challenges that small business face on a daily basis, to both attract and retain customers.   Small Business Challenges The small business owner has to wear many … Read More

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7 Good Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs To Be On a Mobile Chat Business Directory

Nowadays over 60% of searches for a product or service are done from a mobile phone near your business. This trend will continue on an upward trajectory as Millennials and the younger generation replace the Baby Boomers. It’s no longer good … Read More

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Is your business targeting Millennials ? Dump your phone line – Go Live Chat

  Millennials (or Gen Y), that is the generation born after 1980, hate making phone calls to communicate with business. If your clientele comprises mainly of millennials, best your business starts looking at alternative communication channels such as Chat messaging … Read More

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Why we Reward our affiliates on a recurring basis

  The concept of why we reward our affiliates on a recurring basis, provided that their referrals remain subscribed to Chatpages, was borrowed from the book, Who Owns the Future? In his book, the author Jason Lanier, advocates that the … Read More

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How Chatpages helps Business put a smile on customers faces – Watch Video

The Chatpages Mobile CHAT Business Directory helps business put a smile on customers faces wherever they may be. Customers search for a product or service near them, or anywhere in the world using their smartphones. Once they find what they’re … Read More

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chatpages mobile chat business directory

Chatpages Mobile Chat Business Directory about to be launched in South Africa

The Chatpages team is excited to announce the imminent Beta launch of the Android mobile chat business directory app in October 2015. It has been a long slog, but all is finally coming together. chatpages chat screen App users will … Read More

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Mobile App Growth up by 76% in 2014 – Business & Messaging leading

According to Flurry, they have noted a 76% increase in mobile app usage in 2014 cheap sildenafil. The most popular categories are Shopping, Messaging (Chat), Utilities and Productivity. Of course, Games, Music and Entertainment still play a huge role in … Read More

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